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Hi Xfer !

Can we hope a resizable GUI in a future update ?
Actually the GUI is too smal for my old-eyes in order to program correctly the plugin…
Can we hope ? in a longer time ?

Thanks in advance
Lutin mutin


It's not planned at the moment.
Edit: June 2016, it's planned.


Ok. Noted.

Thanks for your quick answer….

Lutin mutin


It is a pity, i've also problems with the readability. Can you consider planning it? :)


There's a 2x (HD) GUI which will be released at some point - updates are always free.

It's not planned at the moment.
Edit: June 2016, it's planned. Thanks, because the GUI is really too small! :)

Any updates on this? 4k monitor scaled at 100% is missing serum 2x HD! :D FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. MYYYYY EEEYYYEEES!!! 0_0 Sorry for being dramatic, thanks in advance.

It's being worked on actively, I still have some more work to do, it's a big undertaking.  I really want the HQ graphics in place before releasing it however, and I don't have those yet.


I'm pretty excited about this to be honest.  It would be great for editing really complex LFOs  which is something I do a lot. We have faith in you steve    :]


Will it also mean we can expand the GUI so that there is more horizontal viewing space in the browser window? That would be amazing and would make organizing and searching through presets that much faster.

+1  looking forward to this. I've had to disable display scaling on Ableton in Win 10 because of the drag & drop fader madness, so the VST window is really tiny at the mo.


I am using a 3440 x 1440 display running macOS with nVidia, and the very tiny UI makes this otherwise impressive synth completely unusable for me.

it is 2017, and the fact that in two years this major issue has not been addressed is a MAJOR RED FLAG.

being able to visualize the wavetable is a truly impressive feature, but before even getting there the user needs to be able
to comfortably see / read the elements in UI , especially since this synth encourages experimentation which requires long sessions in front of a monitor messing around, which is not possible at this moment with Serum on a HiDPi display.

I have good eyesight, and I'm aware that I can get around this lack of HiDPi support by zooming in the entire display or changing to a lower resolution
for a last resort workaround, but this results in a very "blurry" image quality, and makes the whole experience very underwhelming.

this is usability 101, before even the synth engine doing anything, making a sound, I have to be able to see the elements, the tiny UI on my display makes this a challenge and complete impractical for long sessions.

so my constructive criticism:

1- before adding anything else to the synth engine, make the UI scalable, it is long overdue.

2- instead of having to use "tabs" for LFO 1, 2, 3 and Env 1,2,3 , etc. provide at least an option/skin
so that the user can see everything in one glance, making good use of the horizontal space.

sadly very few synth developers or even big companies like Native Instruments take this issue of UI scaling seriously.

after evaluating dozens of synths, it is my conclusion that "u-he" is among the very few VST leaders that puts this huge usability issue first.

if you need help with UI redesign, this guy has done a terrific job providing third-party skins for popular synths, which goes beyond aesthetic tinkering, providing alternative efficient workflows in his skin design.

even Synthmaster One has a scalable UI.

I love to be able to use Serum, because of its unique feature set, but sadly I have to wait until this problem is addressed.


It's in testing already, won't be long at all now - it looks great, You can make it pretty large ;-) I'm sure you'll be happy!


wow amazing, so great to hear this. so excited, excellent news !

sadly very few synth developers or even big companies like Native Instruments take this issue of UI scaling seriously.

@darksynth I know you are not trying to be overly critical, but cut @steve_xfer some slack on the timing of this. Flow layouts that work AND look pretty are difficult for anything besides the web and pure native applications. Serum is a cross platform application made with JUCE, where you don't get to use native drawing features. So everything Steve does to make the UI better is very high effort.

It even being on the drawing board deserves some kudos. You rock Steve!


Hey @steve_xfer ,

We really beat you up on this feature so I wanted to stop by and say thanks.
I use Serum quite often, always in 4K, and the new scalable GUI looks and works great. Seeing giant 3D Tron like wavetables makes editing a blast. Anyways it must have been quite the undertaking but the hard work is much appreciated. Thanks a lot!

Hi @steve_xfer,

I wanted to add that the resizable GUI is a life saver on high DPI screens (when system-level scaling doesn't cut it). All of the hard work is so super appreciated, and putting in the development hours for these types of features are exactly what gain and keep devout fans.

For others stumbling onto this thread (like I did), you can resize the GUI by clicking the SERUM logo in the top left and selecting a zoom value, or you can click and drag on the very bottom right corner.


i have an issus with the last version I am not able to see full size of nerve window and not able to load sample . someone have this ? I run on Mac Monterey