Rent to own! Nerve

Started by Aashish

It's a request. If you can put nerve also through Rent to own program.

I second this. The other plugins are inexpensive enough that an outright purchase is reasonable. Not that a single-payment purchase of Nerve at $200 is not reasonable for the amazing tool you get. However, it seems certain that, just like the similarly-priced Serum, many more purchases of Nerve would occur if it were available on a payment plan, myself absolutely included.

I will buy it if you do this, thank you, please do it.

-The Lord


I never looked into Nerve, but, if it's as good as the other 3 products I actually own, then I'd jump on a deal like this.

I will buy Nerve if it turn to rent to own like Serum, i already have the great Serum from splice rent2own
I hate cracked stuff so it will be great if i can rent2own Nerve

I imagine Serum went Rent to Own because it was selling a lot. This payment modality through Splice as an extra cost and Xfer Records would be paying it, at least at the beginning. Not sure we can get Nerve right now as RTO, but maybe with version 2, who knows… Anyway, loving the demo so far, thank you Steve!!


Cheers, you summed it up pretty well (although there isn't a financial concern at least on my side of things preventing this). So, hopefully someday.


Thanks for your achievements and for pushing the envelope, Steve.
+1 on the rent to own option for Nerve through Splice. I'll buy it right away when it happens.


Hi Steve,
I own all your plugins and use them all the time. Thanks for all this effort.
Unfortunately there is no Rent-to-own option for Nerve that I know of.
However, it's just a matter of time before it will be the final plugin for me to own.

I was holding on for Nerve to go rent-to-own for the longest time, but alas it hasn’t, so I continue to use Geist2.

I really want Nerve, and hope it goes rent-to-own, if it does I will deffo jump on it.

I know I could just buy nerve outright, but I’m in the process of buying a house, so rent to own is super convenient.

With that said, the Xfer plugs are top drawer, I own all apart from Nerve… I thank Steve and his team for the work they’ve put in.


Please make this rent to own! I have a few projects from clients with it and I would love to own it long term anyway.

Rent to own for Nerve would be a lifesaver for MANY users who hope to use it, especially with everyone's current situation.

I dont really have any interest in it, but would buy it if rent to own, be it splice or just direct via xfer site for sure.


I always hope for a sale on Nerve but it's never on sale which means I still can't afford it. Putting it on sale will not hurt you it will make it easier for people that usually can't afford it to be able to buy your plugin. Seems like a great plugin.


Like nows the time for nerve to be a rent to own for all of us struggling in the world with covid ruining most of my families business and wanting to give back to the music Community by buying plugins not steal them. Please guys help us out and let us have Nerve as a rent to own,,