Presets Load but make no sound!

Started by ChrisFutcher-splice


Hi all, i'm new to Serum but have been using Ableton for a several years.

When I load a preset into Serum, it all loads fine. However, it makes no sound on it's own. I have to load another instrument from Ableton into the track to make it work. Is this right? Doesn't make sense to me that you'd need to load a separate instrument, that can be totally unrelated to the preset loaded.

Be good to hear if I'm doing something wrong here.


Sounds like you might be using SerumFX which is a bonus plugin. You should be inserting Serum, not SerumFX. I'd recommend using the support page if you're still stuck!


i have been having same problem yet in Serum. i load a preset from init, then try to play keys and no sound. how do i fix this?