Nerve 2...

Started by Raddler

Hi Steve, a little while ago you mentioned Nerve 2 was a possibility. Any updates for us?


it's still in underlying technology stages, so there's not much to see or talk about, however I'm pretty excited for the eventual. Unfortunately I probably shouldn't have mentioned it, as there is no product announcement and plans do have the potential to change. I'm still keeping active on the 1.x / current Nerve adding stuff, currently in beta in the Nerve userforum.

Thanks Steve, if and when it happens I'm very much looking forward to it. Here's hoping for a browser in V2!

No news there, I've never made any announcement. I'm currently working on ARM support for Nerve.

Ok, thanks Steve. Just super excited about a potential version 2.

Hi Steve. I am interested in purchasing Nerve but the demo is crashing Ableton 11 when adding a drum sample to a pad. Does the current version that is not a demo work?

I have a beta which offers Big Sur compatibility. I'll have a demo update soon-ish.

Hi Steve - I just bought Nerve (bit late to the party, but having a lot of fun) - I'm probably missing something, but is it possible to alter the volume of a loop step? - After loading a loop onto Pad 1 (very nice transient detection algo by the way) the velocity graph slider now refers to loop step 1-16 and I can't seem to find a way to alter the volume of the step separate from its step number / position. Best Wishes to everyone and thanks for your help. John


There is no transient detection currently, so I'd guess either your loop was quantized or maybe you loaded a Rex/Rx2 file which contains slice info.

You can attenuate individual events using the FX send graph, as < 50% = no attenuation and 50-100% = attenuation. However that will make your 31/32 output pair unusable in that situation since the attenuated signal is now going there.

The other option is to use the "Explode loop to all pads" feature which will allow you to sequence the loop as individual one-shots, and your velocity stalk is back.

Hi Steve, I'm really wanting to buy a new software drum sequencer and have always intended to wait for a possible Nerve 2. Can you offer any news on that, if any?

Not to be a pest Steve, but can you provide any latest news on a possible Nerve 2?

Well, no news, sorry. I am busy at work on things but I don't discuss plans anymore, as they can be outside of my control.

Well, no news, sorry. I am busy at work on things but I don't discuss plans anymore, as they can be outside of my control.

Ok, understandable. Thanks for the reply. I'll stay hopefull :)