MPE issue

Started by matt9904

MPE seems to not work properly in the Fx region.
If I assign for example the Mod Source - MPE Z (Press.) on the cutoff of the main filter in the OSC page it does work perfectly for each individual midi note when played together but if I do the same on the filter in the Fx page it doesn't and all the notes get effected in the same way by the filter when played together, even if I draw different envelopes for each note

(I do use ableton live 11.0.2 Suit and noticed this through the Note Expression section in live since I do not own an MPE midi controller)

The FX are not polyphonic, the FX page is after all voices have been summed - so that sounds to be working as expected.

Ah ok! Thank you for the fast answer man! I thought I was missing something… Anyways would be so cool to have the FX page be able to do so one day. Do you think that could be something possible?
Again thanks for taking the time to answer and thank you so much for Serum of course!

Maybe, but I can't be certain until it is attempted (mostly CPU/performance reasons).