mp3 and wav files will not load into serum

Started by StrK9

Anyone else having this issue?? I drag and drop the file right in the OSC ( A or B )  and then choose whichever way i want to import (I've tried them all) and there's no sound whatsoever…   any help would be greatly appreciated!!! 

Mp3s are not supported.  Wav files need to be uncompressed (e.g. the ones that come with FL studio are compressed).  If you're unsure if they are standard Wav files you can try opening in Audacity.   Also I'm not 100% sure from your description, but keep in mind you need to use the WT pos knob to scan through the file, your first frame might be silent if the audio file is not well trimmed (begins with silence).

glad to see a dev so involved. OBV I was directed to this page because I also did not know so thank you steve for awnsering this question swiftly and definitely #greatdev.


I have the same issue and it's really frustrating.
Some wav-files work, but most of the time the drag and drop-window of the noise-oscillator freezes and stays green and I have to open another instance of serum. Even if I render/consolidate (into wav) the files I want to put into Serum it doesn't work.
I am trying to use serum as the fundament of my production and often write whole songs only with multiple instances of serum and this is why this bug is an absolute workflow-killer.
I hope this problem gets some attention.
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If you're using Live on Windows, Live holds newly-created files in use, this prevents other applications/plugins from accessing the file. I agree it's a bit annoying, you could bring it up with Ableton.


I agree this is a bummer. However if you right click the consolidated audio clip and choose "find in explorer" it will point you to the file where Ableton is holding the temp wav. file. Drag and drop that file into the wavetable editor and you have yourself a table!