File Types???

Started by Alexander Porras

Alexander Porras

Could someone please tell me the difference between an .FXP file and a .NMSV file? i think this is the reason my recently purchased presets arent working. 
Please help!!

NMSV = Native Instruments Massive

FXP = "VST" preset.  You can't be sure what synth it is for without opening  it in a hex viewer (or maybe a text editor).  
For instance, Serum presets will show "XfsX" for the 16-20th chars of the file.


Is there any documentation on the encoding of serum presets?


Serum preset file format is complex/programmatic and isn't public. I hope to make it more open in the future / new format with conversion or import.

There is public info on the Serum wavetable format.
This is an example 'clm ' chunk from a Serum-created wavetable (.wav) File:

<!>2048 01000000 wavetable (
Serum currently assumes 2048 (samples per frame) at all times, so as of now 2048 should always be written there.

Only the two first flags are currently used:

• the first flag is the WT interpolation [0 = no interpolation, 1 = linear crossfades, 2,3,4 = spectral morph]

• the second flag is "Serum Factory WT" which means Serum assumes this file comes with Serum and everyone already has it - thus it will not embed in to user presets to keep file sizes down. PLEASE DO NOT ENABLE THIS FLAG IF YOU ARE CREATING WAVETABLES - please leave it to zero, thank you very much. If you want a similar flag for yourself to identify tables as factory or otherwise for your product, drop me a line and I will reserve you a flag or a different value on that flag.


Any news on making the move to json / plain text (/r/n) presets for serum? (eg. u-he, spire etc).

I would love to clean up the noises and tables folders and then make a tool go through each preset and automatically update the paths to the noise and/or table. It would take a silly amount of time to do this in serum…


I looked in to it and am keeping things in binary to keep presets small and loading fast (which is blazing fast in the next update). Table locations don't matter, and Noises will recursively search in the next beta.