DJM filter bug

Started by jjJjj

The DJM Filter (vst2) has just stopped working mid set in Ableton Live v11.2.5. In this state, whenever the filter parameter moves into Low Pass-On bounds, the sound entirely cuts out, it outputs silence. If the filter is in middle/inactive or in High-Pass-On, the plugin continues to work.
This immediately & identically affected two instances in the same set, but a third instance was left unaffected. When I saved and reloaded the Live set, the plugin worked again.

I'm preparing for a live performance using the plugin, so it's concerning.


Extremely high input gain can derail the filter. If you are keeping your signal below 0 dB then you should have no issue. You could put a limiter or clipper before to ensure that.

I've added an internal clipper (at +12 dB input) in to the next version which should prevent the DSP from being able to derail, even with high filter drive, so putting a limiter or clipper before the filter should not be needed.

However it's considered beta and not on the freeware page as of now, due to added VST3 version and not a ton of testing yet.