Cant move serum preset folder, too big for my C drive!

Started by mikejezz


So I have tried to move my serum preset folder to my D drive, since it has been very huge on my C drive.

It ended with serum being complete black, and if I try to select the new D folder, it says it needs to be on C.

Now, when I move everything back to C drive, it only finds my stock sounds but not my own folders. My serum is completely broken.

My library is 4 gb and increasing very fast, but I cant use serum if it has to be 100% on my C drive.


"it says it needs to be on C." < I don't understand what you're referring to here.
Verify Serum Presets folder is no longer in your \Documents\Xfer location.

Windows Key + R (Run):
delete the Serum folder there.

Serum should ask for the new folder location next run.