Can't assign a category to multiple presets at once

Started by georgefetcher-splice


Good afternoon! Serum is an amazing tool, and I use it in every project I do.
Thank you so much for constantly updating the product.

There is a problem in the organization of presets, and I want to know if it is possible to fix it?

I often buy presets on (where I bought the serum), and put them in the appropriate folders (BASS/Splice for example), but in the presets pool, many presets go without a category, and I just want to highlight, for example, 50 basses and put all of them in the BASS category, so that I can conveniently use the library in the future, setting them with stars. (rather than jumping on them in order, switching).

But I can't do this, as the category can only be selected for only ONE SELECTED preset.
Can you add this feature?

(screenshot here -

I don't have a timetable but the browser will certainly get further improvements.


This is definitely something I need, too. I have a massive preset library and while Serum has detected some of the categories of presets—because they were properly file named—hundreds of mine are without.

My only current solution is three clicks per preset (1. select preset, 2. open category menu, 3. select category).

This is a massive time drain… so much so that I've skipped it… too much time.

I would love to simply select a group of presets and set their category in bulk.